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lanyard 新排名十大排名

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lanyard 新排名十大排名

lanyard 新排名十大排名FALLPROTEC

电话:22810298/31268606 Fallprotec has innovation in its DNA and continuously invests into product development which enables the company to market a comprehensive range, of fall arrest and height safety systems. Fallprotec is also a one-stop shop providing services such as industrial site audits, engineering and training in its own facilities. The professional staff provides the best support to its clients, distributors and installers on a daily basis as well as guide the final customer from the first-scratch concepts up to the final installation.

lanyard 新排名十大排名COX GOMYL

"CoxGomyl 集团是全球建筑维护系统的综合服务商,旨在发展实用且能保持建筑设计本身美学灵魂的建筑维护系统。这些永久安装于建筑的系统,主要应用于建筑的外墙维护保养,包括外墙清洁、幕墙更换、玻璃更换等。CoxGomyl 集团已发展成为建筑维护系统的领导者,此系统也被称为 BMUBuilding Maintenance Units)。


CoxGomyl 驻守在世界各地的专家随时准备迎接新的挑*,以满足建筑师、专业顾问、发展商、承建商和各客户的要求为己任。


lanyard 新排名十大排名FBA GOMYL

电话:22810298/31268606 德国全安斯福 FBA Gomyl is a dynamic engineering, manufacturing and consultancy group of experienced specialists from the building service industry. The companys services provide solutions to a growing portfolio of high-profile clients including managing agents, blue chip corporations, and key service contractors. The service is based on a selection of audit processes relating to engineering, manufacturing, management, use and maintenance of permanently installed building maintenance units (BMUs) and associated mobile and temporary access equipment.

lanyard 新排名十大排名SKYCLIMBER

"Worlds Leading Suspended Scaffolding/Swing Stage Manufacturer

Sky Climber®, headquartered in Delaware, Ohio, is the industry leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing suspended access equipment used in industrial/commercial construction and maintenance *lications."

lanyard 新排名十大排名ATECH

"ATECH ist eines der führenden Unternehmen in der Entwicklung und Ausrüstung von batterieelektrischen Industriefahrzeugen, der Flughafen-Vorfeldtechnik und vielen weiteren Bereichen.

Seit über 25 Jahren haben wir uns in dem wachsenden Markt etabliert und sind international als kompetenter Geschäftspartner anerkannt. Unser Know how sichert unseren Kunden den Geschäftserfolg. Dieser Erfolg resultiert wesentlich aus der Kooperation mit der ZAPI-Unternehmensgruppe. Der ZAPI-Konzern mit Sitz in Poviglio bei Reggio Emilia in Italien gilt als weltweit führendes Unternehmen in der Konzeption und Produktion von Steuerungen für batteriebetriebene Fahrzeuge."

lanyard 新排名十大排名PROBEL

"probel - the humanwerkstatt offers person-centered services and online tools in health management and consulting. Our services enable well directed prevention, early-detection, reintegration, intervention and self-regulation. Our mission is the health promotion and thus also the support of the individual with contemporary instruments and consulting *roaches, at the individual level as well as at the organizational level.

The capabilities of our services are not limited. Many industries and branches recognize the effectiveness of such instruments and show the need for a user-friendly product. Some capabilities of our services: coaching, social counseling, prevention in the area of mental health and reintegration, psychiatry, psychotherapy, burnout prevention, and not least the talentmanagement, human resources and some areas more."

lanyard 新排名十大排名GOMYL

The Gomyl Group are a global engineering business with a passion for defending the beauty and value of architectural wonders by providing external building access solutions. Typically this equipment is used to provide a permanent means of being able to access the outside facade of tall buildings for maintenance pur*es, which includes cleaning and replacing panels and windows. Gomyl have grown to become the global leaders in building maintenance units, commonly referred to as BMUs.

lanyard 新排名十大排名MANNTECH

曼泰克机械设备有限公司成立于2007,注册资金50万元人民币。是一家有限责任公司,北京曼泰克机械设备有限公司法人是黄新,主要面象—市场,客户群为房地产公司。员工人数50人,公司经营模式为经销批发,不断提升企业的*心竞争力,使企业在发展中树立起良好的社会形象。主营范围:德国曼泰克MANNTECH擦窗机/丹麦沃力Worldlift蜘蛛型高空工作平台; 丹麦Worldlift蜘蛛型高空作业车; 英国Niftylift高空作业车; 机电维保服务;其他工程与建筑机械;园林和高空作业机械;,其他工程与建筑机械;园林和高空作业机械;德国曼泰克MANNTECH擦窗机/丹麦沃力Worldlift蜘蛛型高空工作平台; 丹麦Worldlift蜘蛛型高空作业车; 英国Niftylift高空作业车; 机电维保服务,凭借专业的水平和成熟的技术。公司将始终坚持“质量**,信誉**”的宗旨,以科学的管理手段,雄厚的技术力量,将不断深化改革,创新机制,适应市场,全面发展,欢迎各界朋友莅临参观、指导和业务洽谈。

lanyard 新排名十大排名ROSTEK

Almost all modern high class buildings around the world have large glass facades and roofs.  With very broad and long experience from 4000 projects, international mindset and a very good product portfolio combined with our design capabilities, Rostek serves our clients with best solutions in the world.

lanyard 新排名十大排名SKYCLIMBER

"Worlds Leading Suspended Scaffolding/Swing Stage Manufacturer

Sky Climber®, headquartered in Delaware, Ohio, is the industry leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing suspended access equipment used in industrial/commercial construction and maintenance *lications."

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lanyard 新排名十大排名

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